Ubicomp 2004 Privacy Workshop

John Canny, Jason Hong, Alessandro Acquisti, Marc Langheinrich

At UBICOMP 2004, Sept 7th, Nottingham, England



The main goals of this workshop are to review the current state of ubicomp privacy; to share actual experiences in designing, implementing, deploying, and evaluating systems; and to sketch out a roadmap of future directions that we as designers, researchers, and developers should be heading in. Areas of interest to this workshop include (but are not limited to) the following topics:

Workshop Format

This workshop will last for 1 full day and will be limited to 20 participants (not including the workshop organizers) to enable lively and productive discussions. Participants will be invited on the basis of position papers. Such position papers should be no longer than 4 pages excluding references, and they will be selected based on their originality, technical merit and topical relevance.

The workshop will be organized into panels and breakout sessions. Depending on the submitted position papers, the workshop will consist of 3 to 4 panels. Each panel lasts about an hour, and includes presentation of 5 or 6 position papers that share a similar topic, followed by organizer-moderated discussions. Also in the afternoon, there will be breakout sessions lasting about 1.5 to 2 hours, followed by reports to a plenary session. In addition, coffee breaks and lunch will serve as opportunities for informal discussion. To the extent possible, participants will have lunch together within short walking distance of the workshop location.

Call for Papers

Papers should be submitted to in PDF or MS Word format on or before July 26 2004 to privacyworkshop@guir.berkeley.edu . It is recommended that authors limit their submissions to no more than 4 pages, A4 or letter size. Notification of acceptance will be sent out by August 02 2004 .


The goals of this workshop are twofold:

  1. To take a snapshot of ubicomp privacy research from multiple perspectives, and
  2. To lay out an agenda for ubicomp privacy research in the near term, including some key research problems with broad impact.

Privacy is an enormously complex topic, and ubiquitous computing opens up new problems that span much of its scope. They include protection from theft or fraud, stalking, harassment, spam, discrimination, financial exploitation, and the creation and maintenance of social personae, negotiation of disclosure boundaries and unfettered participation in social life. Ubicomp privacy requires at least the understanding of principles from (i) computer science (ii) social psychology and sociology (iii) law and (iv) economics. Only by bringing together experts in these areas in a forum like this can we identify the cross-cutting themes and research needs for the healthy growth of the field.

This workshop builds on two previous workshops at Ubicomp run by some of the current organizers: The first workshop was titled "Socially-Informed Design of Privacy-Enhancing Solutions in Ubiquitous Computing" at UBICOMP 2002 and the second is "Ubicomp communities: Privacy as boundary negotiation" at UBICOMP 2003.

Workshop Organizers

John Canny, University of California , Berkeley
Jason Hong, CMU
Alessandro Acquisti, CMU
Marc Langheinrich, ETH, Zurich


Please address all correspondence about the workshop to: privacyworkshop@guir.berkeley.edu