HCC Course contents for Fall '00





8/29/00 Course overview, social impacts of IT.
8/31/00 Ubiquitous and calm computing, information appliances. 

Learning and Development: Foundations of  Behavior

9/5/00 Constructivism and Piaget.
9/7/00 Constructionism, LOGO and Papert.
9/12/00 Learning as a social process: Vygotsky.
9/14/00 Vygotsky: Thinking and Speech.
9/19/00 Bakhtin and the role of language in learning.

Some Cognitive Science

9/21/00 Speech Act Theory.
9/26/00 Cognition as process: GOMS and EPIC.
9/28/00 Representations and things that make us smart.
10/3/00 Meaning and Metaphor.
10/5/00 Post-structuralism, LSA and automatic essay graders.

Personality, Emotion, Persuasion...

10/10/00 Emotion and Affect.
10/12/00 Persuasion and Trust.
10/17/00 Personality theories: Big-5 and Myers-Briggs.
10/19/00 Non-verbal communication.
Groups, Practice, Activity Theory. 10/24/00 Media richness.
10/26/00 Group Cooperation.
10/31/00 Practice and peripheral participation.
11/2/00 Activity Theory overview.
11/7/00 Context, Immutable Mobiles, Boundary objects.

Social Networks


11/9/00 Social network theory: Centrality and prestige.
11/14/00 Social network theory: Role and position.
11/16/00 Diffusion of information in social networks.
Design and Knowledge Creation 11/21/00 Ethnography, Ethnomethodology and Participatory Design.
11/28/00 Contextual Design.
11/30/00 Appropriation & Evolutionary Design.

Knowledge Creation.

12/7/00 Quick Reference Card
12/11/00 Project presentations in 405 Soda, from 10am-4pm.