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Visualization Seminars:

Seminar Schedule:

Speakers from research areas related to the project have been invited to talk at UC Berkeley for our weekly Visualization Seminar. Unless otherwise noted, seminars are scheduled either on Thursdays at 10:00am or Fridays at 4:00pm. For both timeslots, seminars are held on the UC Berkeley campus in 306 Soda Hall.

May 15, 4:00pm
306 Soda Hall
Title and Abstract to be announced.
Dimitri Terzopoulos, University of Toronto
May 8, 4:00pm
306 Soda Hall
A Framework for Realistic Image Synthesis.
Donald P. Greenberg, Cornell University
May 1, 4:00pm
306 Soda Hall
Non-Photorealistic Rendering for Computer Graphics.
David Salesin, University of Washington
Mar. 20, 4:00pm
306 Soda Hall
Surface Reconstruction and Image-Based Rendering.
Nina Amenta and Emilio Camahort, University of Texas at Austin
Mar. 13, 4:00pm
306 Soda Hall
The Holodeck: An Image-Based Rendering System.
Gregory Ward Larson, Silicon Graphics, Inc.
Mar. 6, 4:00pm
306 Soda Hall
Directing Physics.
Stephen Chenney, UC Berkeley
Feb. 27, 4:00pm
306 Soda Hall
The Making of "Geri's Game".
Tony DeRose, Pixar Animation Studios
Feb. 20, 4:00pm
306 Soda Hall
Video Motion Capture.
Chris Bregler and Jitendra Malik, UC Berkeley
Aug. 21, 1:00pm
310 Soda Hall
Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal Displays.
Deng-ke Yang, Liquid Crystals Institute, Kent State University
May 9, 4:00pm
306 Soda Hall
Animation for the Rest of Us.
Michael Gleicher, formerly of Apple Computer
Apr. 11, 4:00pm
306 Soda Hall
Hierarchical Representations of Very Large Sata Sets for Analysis and Visualization.
Bernd Hamann, UC Davis
Feb. 21, 4:00pm
306 Soda Hall
A Visibility Matching Tone Reproduction Operator for High Dynamic Range Scenes.
Gregory Ward Larson, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
Feb. 14, 4:00pm
306 Soda Hall
Recent Developments in 3D Laser Scanning.
Marc Rioux, National Research Council (Canada)
Feb. 7, 4:00pm
306 Soda Hall
Choosing Effective Colours for Data Visualization.
Christopher G. Healey, UC Berkeley

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