Big Data System research: Trends and Challenges



Fueled in part by the continuous drop in storage prices, today virtually every company collects every piece of data (e.g., user and machine logs) it can. Companies do so with the hope that they can use this data to improve their products or services. This hope is driven by the desire to emulate the successes that have already been enabled by big data. Indeed, over the past decade big data has enabled directly or indirectly new businesses or has lead to disrupting existing industries. Examples in the first category are Google, Facebook and Twitter, while examples in the second category are Amazon, disrupting the retail industry, Uber, disrupting the taxi industry, and AIrBnb disrupting the rental industry.

In this course, we describe the critical technology trends that are enabling big data processing, the architecture and the design of existing systems, and the open challenges as well as the research opportunities to address these challenges. The format of this course will be a mix of lectures, seminar-style discussions, and student presentations. Students will be responsible for paper readings, and completing a hands-on project. Readings will be selected from recent conference proceedings and journals.


Advanced Topics in Computer Systems (cs262), Computer Systems (cs268), or permission of instructor. Advanced undergraduates allowed with permission of instructor.