CS 268, Spring 2004: Course Project

You will divide into teams of up to three (preferable two) to carry out the term project. Your term project can be either of the following types: design/implementation, measurement, analysis, and simulation. The goal of the project is to experiment with new research ideas and solutions. You should aim for a conference quality work.

I will distribute a list of possible research projects in class. However, you are encouraged to come up with your own project ideas.

Project proposal Once you decide on your project, you will be asked to write a one page project proposal that should clearly state:

I will provide written feedback on the project proposals either via email or in person. Feel free to drop by office hours to discuss and develop your project ideas further.

Porject report The project report should not exceed 10 single column pages, and the font size should be at least 11pt.

Note that in addition to writing the report and giving the final presentation, you will be asked to give a ten minute presentation before the spring break about the status of your project. This talk should not exceed seven minutes, with three minutes for comments and questions.