Intel Undergraduate Research Program

Intel Undergrad Research Application, Summer 2009

IUR Participants, Fall 2008

IUR Participants, Fall 2007

Graduate School Infosession, Day One

Research Tips by Andy Neureuther


  • Traditionally Underrepresented Students in specific fields of interest to Intel. (BioE, CS, EE, ME, IEOR, MSE, etc.)
  • US Citizens or Permanent Residents
  • GPA of 3.0 of higher


IUR Students must present research progress and results in some forum, e.g. research group, or COE poster session, each semester.

Semester Terms:

Stipend of up to $1500 will be paid to students accepted by faculty for undergraduate research, on confirmation of completion of research by faculty mentor. Designated grad student mentors may be paid $500 per year.

Stipend Guideline:

Up to $1500.00 for a semester of research (up to 10 hours a week). Less compensation according to level of effort.

Application Procedure:


Submit application, resume, BearFacts transcript and statement to: Sheila Humphreys, 203 Cory Hall, (humphrys@eecs).


Submit research position description and approval of each student to Sheila Humphreys.

TRAVEL:  Each IUR student may use up to $500.00 for travel to a research conference or relevant conference, such as Hopper or Tapia conferences.

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