The Annual Berkeley Programming Contest


We'll be holding our annual contest on Saturday, 14 October 2017. See this link for more information.

Please check the announcement board for current status, if you are participating remotely.

If you wish to participate, please register here. We'll keep you posted about updates.


About the Contest

Since 1991, the Computer Science Division has sponsored an informal programming contest each fall, the top placers of which form that year's Berkeley teams in the annual ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (``ACM'' stands for the Association for Computing Machinery). Contests like this are becoming common. Here's an article on the subject.

As in the ACM contests, our contestants have five hours in which to write working solutions (in C, C++, or Java) to about eight programming problems. We score by the number of correct solutions, breaking ties on the basis of the total time required to complete the correct submissions and the number of incorrect submissions.

If you are interested in participating, watch for announcements on this page and elsewhere. In the meantime, we've provided some suggestions on how to prepare yourself for our local contest and the ACM contests.

Past Berkeley Contests

Problems from Elsewhere

Here are some problems that have been posed in other contests.

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