Deckard is a real-time status dashboard for Giles. A dashboard is the result of a continuous query executed against stream metadata -- all streams that match the query will be displeyed on the dashboard. Rows contain and are sortable by name, last value and last reported time, and react in real-time as the streams change. Also hooks into the BtrDB Plotter


XBOS is an eXtensible Building Operating System for integrated management of previously isolated subsystems. XBOS develops the idea of a Building Profile, a canonical and executable description of a building and its subsystems that changes with a building and evolves the control processes and applications accordingly. XBOS is described in detail in this publication. XBOS is built using NodeJS and React and operates over Giles and sMAP.


Giles is an ongoing project to develop expressive and adaptive middleware for composing systems that can discover capabilities in an environment and keep their views consistent despite changes in that context. Giles was born out of a desire to learn the Go programming language to create a scalable alternative to the original sMAP archiver. It has since grown to support multiple application protocols and is built over BtrDB rather than the older ReadingDB. Giles also includes dynamic, query-based syndication which allows subscriptions to streams to change as the metadata associated with those streams changes.


OpenBAS was an earlier take on the XBOS system, with a focus on building automation for small-medium commercial buildings. OpenBAS incorporated ideas such as local network discovery and autopopulation of metadata into the design of an integrated dashboard for building management. The OpenBAS web interface was built using Meteor, which posed problems in keeping the interface consistent with the underlying data model, stemming from Meteor's "mini-Mongo" which had difficulty expressing deletions and updates of documents, rather than just inserts.