Glen Berseth

This is my project on developing strategic Unreal Tournament bots in the Unreal Development Kit. They were designed to display team work, using well defined team roles. These roles established seniority in a sense where some bot on the team could influence others and with one bot taking command of the teams strategy. The project is focused around the Capture The Flag (CTF) game type in Unreal Tournament.

Below are videos of gameplay recorded for the project to demonstrate some simple uses of strategy and functionality. In the movies there are two teams fighting against each other to win a CTF game. The blue team members are the new strategic bot focused on in this project and the red team is made up of UTBots designed for the Unreal Tournament game.

The Blue Team
  • Flag Capturer Role (Capturer)
  • This role is used to describe the member of the team that is the primary flag capturer. The goal of this role is to infiltrate the enemies base and steel the flag and return to the home base with the flag. This role will differentiate from others because there is far less focus on attacking other players. If the capturer does not have the flag then it should try to draw the least amount of attention to itself while getting as close to the enemies' flag as possible. When the capturer does have the flag it should not turn around and travel backwards to attack because it will travel slower, draw attention to itself and navigating backwards perfectly is not realistic.

This movie demonstrates the successful use of a diversion strategy used by the blue team.