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Application-Specific Proxy Servers as HTTP Stream Transducers

Charles Brooks, Murray S. Mazer, Scott Meeks, and Jim Miller, WWW 4, Dec. 1994.

One-line summary: Use HTTP proxies, possibly arranged in a hierarchy, to do other tasks like measuring the network, transforming content, filtering content or requests, enforcing security, etc. A uniform architecture & toolkit for doing this is offered.

Overview/Main Points


Obvious. We should cite this in all proxy papers -- it's the first I've seen that advocates transcoding as an explicit proxy property, even if not for the same reasons we advocate it.

The idea of "stackable proxies" is nice, and is something I am working into Pythia; as is the backchannel idea (similar to the net monitor in our world). This is from WWW4, but it has a lot of ideas in common with us.


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