OCRchie User Manual

System Requirements: the hardware and software requirements necessary to compile and run the original OCRchie.

Compilation Notes: for help compiling OCRchie.

You may download our software at your own risk. The current version is still buggy however.

Download the more advanced OCRchie in gzipped tar format (123K).

Download an older more stable OCRchie in gzipped tar format (91K). This is broken (July 2000) when using Tcl8.0 and ANSII C++. Sorry.

Download a newly updated (July 2000) version of the simpler OCRchie in gzipped tar format (98K) This was patched up to use Tcl 8.0 and ANSI C++, by Richard Fateman and some helpful staff.

The more elaborate version has more features, but still crashes. RJF

User Interface Guide: specifics on using the friendly interface.