Eldon Schoop

PhD student, Berkeley Institute of Design.

HCI, digital fabrication, ML, IoT.



I am interested in exploiting the fusion of human and machine intelligence, particularly in embedded and physical systems. My previous projects leverage these principles to expose situational unknowns and increase environmental awareness.

I am advised by Björn Hartmann, continuing from my undergraduate work at UC Berkeley.

I work with phenomenal undergraduate researchers including James Smith and Mitchell Karchemsky. If you are an undergraduate at UC Berkeley and find my work interesting, let's get in touch.


HindSight increases the environmental awareness of cyclists by warning them of vehicles approaching from outside their visual field. A panoramic camera mounted on a bicycle helmet streams real-time, 360-degree video to a laptop running YOLOv2, a neural object detector designed for real-time use. Detected vehicles are passed through a filter bank to find the most relevant. Resulting vehicles are sonified using bone conduction headphones, giving cyclists added margin to react.

Drill Sergeant

The goal of Drill Sergeant is to reduce the barrier of entry for using power tools to create physical artifacts. The project consisted of an ecosystem of augmented power tools (a smart drill, miter saw, CNC router, and measuring tape) which use sensors and embedded displays provide real-time, corrective feedback and coach users through completing assemblies. A server keeps state and coordinates instructions across tools, recalculating the assembly from real-world measurements.

Drill Sergeant received some media attention (Fast Co, Digital Trends) and was a 2016 finalist for Fast Company Magazine's Innovation by Design awards.



The MakerPass system originally started as my undergraduate design project to create an access control system for the shops at Jacobs Hall. Today, MakerPass is responsible for managing user access for many student shops across campus. The system consists of card readers which light up and emit audio when scanned, desktop software that restricts login, and an admin portal for managing users and their permissions.


Conference Papers

Eldon Schoop, Forrest Huang, Nathan Khuu, Björn Hartmann. MakerLens: What Sign-In, Reservation and Training Data Can (and Cannot) Tell You About Your Makerspace ISAM 2018.

Technical Reports

Michelle Nguyen and Eldon Schoop, Mitchell Karchemsky, Valkyrie Savage, Björn Hartmann, Sean Follmer. Drill Sergeant: Supporting Physical Construction Projects through an Ecosystem of Augmented Tools. Berkeley EECS Tech. Report.

Posters and Extended Abstracts

Eldon Schoop, Chris Myers, Björn Hartmann. MakerPass: A Multiplatform Access Control System for Academic Makerspaces. ISAM 2017.

Eldon Schoop and Michelle Nguyen, Daniel Lim, Valkyrie Savage, Sean Follmer, Björn Hartmann. Drill Sergeant: Supporting Physical Construction Projects through an Ecosystem of Augmented Tools. CHI 2016. Best Paper, late-breaking work.