Robust sketching for multiple square-root LASSO problems

  • Authors: Vu Pham and Laurent El Ghaoui.

  • Status: In Proc. International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS), May 2015.

  • Abstract: Many learning tasks, such as cross-validation, parameter search, or leave-one-out analysis, involve multiple instances of similar problems, each instance sharing a large part of learning data with the others. We introduce a robust framework for solving multiple square-root LASSO problems, based on a sketch of the learning data that uses low- rank approximations. Our approach allows a dramatic reduction in computational effort, in effect reducing the number of observations from m (the number of observations to start with) to k (the number of singular values retained in the low-rank model), while not sacrificing — sometimes even improving — the statistical performance. Theoretical analysis, as well as numerical experiments on both syn- thetic and real data, illustrate the efficiency of the method in large scale applications.

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