My Portrait

Michael B. Driscoll

I'm a graduate student in the Computer Science Division at UC Berkeley. I'm advised by Kathy Yelick and Armando Fox.

Indigo: A Domain-Specific Language for Fast, Portable Image Reconstruction

Michael Driscoll, Benjamin Brock, Frank Ong, Jonathan Tamir, Hsiou-Yuan Liu, Michael Lustig, Armando Fox, Katherine Yelick


Snowflake: A Lightweight Portable Stencil DSL

Nathan Zhang, Michael Driscoll, Charles Markley, Samuel Williams, Protonu Basu, Armando Fox


Subdivision Surface Evaluation as Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication

Michael Driscoll


UPC++: A PGAS Extension for C++

Yili Zheng, Amir Kamil, Michael Driscoll, Hongzhang Shan, Katherine Yelick


A Feasibility Study using Image-based Parallel Modeling for Treatment Planning

Amanda Randles, Michael Driscoll, Erik Draeger, and Franziska Michor


A Communication-Optimal N-Body Algorithm for Direct Interactions

Michael Driscoll, Evangelos Georganas, Penporn Koanantakool, Edgar Solomonik, and Katherine Yelick


PyCASP: Scalable Multimedia Content Analysis on Parallel Platforms Using Python

Ekaterina Gonina, Gerald Friedland, Eric Battenberg, Penporn Koanantakool, Evangelos Georganas, Michael Driscoll, and Kurt Keutzer


PyGAS: A Partitioned Global Address Space Extension for Python

Michael Driscoll, Amir Kamil, Yili Zheng, Shoaib Kamil, and Katherine Yelick


CS 267: Applications of Parallel Computers, Spring 2013

Fall 2011 CS262A: Advanced Topics in Computer Systems Prof. E. Brewer Report (PDF)
CS294: Vectorizing Compilers Dr. R. Allen
Spring 2012 CS267: Applications of Parallel ComputersProf. J. Demmel Paper (PDF)
CS270: Combinatorial Algorithms and Data StructuresProf. S. Rao
Fall 2012 CS284: Computer-Aided Geometric DesignProf. C. Séquin
CS294: Program SynthesisProf. R. Bodik Report (PDF)
Spring 2013 CS283: Graduate Computer GraphicsProf. R. Ramamoorthi
Fall 2013 CS294: Parallel Programming LanguagesProf. K. Yelick
Fall 2014 Math 221: Advanced Matrix ComputationsProf. J. Demmel Report (PDF)
CNM 190a: Advanced Digital AnimationProf. D. Garcia
Spring 2015 CNM 190b: Advanced Digital AnimationProf. D. Garcia Video (pw: Nightmare)
Spring 2016 BioE 265: Principles of MRIProf. M. Lustig