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  • X. Jin, Donzé A., J. Deshmukh, Seshia S. A., Systems and Methods for Mining Temporal Requirements from Block Diagram Models of Control Systems, U.S. Patent Application No. 13/651,961

International Journals

  • Jin X., Donzé A., Deshmukh J. V., Seshia S. A., Mining Requirements from Closed-Loop Control Models, Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, under revision
  • Legoc Y. and Donzé A., EVL, A Framework for Multi-Methods in C++, Science of Computer Programming, 2014, doi
  • Pourcelot, E., Mobilia, N., Donzé, A., Maler, O., Mossuz, P., Fanchon, E., Cellular iron regulation in animals: need and use of suitable models, Nutzen-Risiko-Bewertung von Mineralstoffen und Spurenelementen: Biochemische, physiologische und toxikologische Aspekte, KIT Scientific Publishing, 2014, 73
  • Nuzzo P., Xu H., Ozay N., Finn J. B., Sangiovanni-Vincentelli A. L., Murray R. M., Donzé A., Seshia S. A., A Contract-Based Methodology for Aircraft Electric Power System Design, IEEE Access, 2014, html
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  • Clarke E., Donzé A. and Legay A. (2010), On Simulation-Based Probabilistic Model Checking of Mixed-Analog Circuits, in Formal Methods in System Design, 2010, 36, 97-113, preprint.

Refeered International conferences

  • Raman V., Donzé A., Sadigh D., Murray R. M., Seshia S. A., Reactive Synthesis from Signal Temporal Logic Specifications, HSCC'15
  • Raman V., Donzé A., Maasoumy M., Murray R. M., Sangiovanni-Vincentelli A., Seshia S. A., Model Predictive Control with Signal Temporal Logic Specifications, CDC'14, preprint
  • Juniwal G., Donzé A., Jensen J. C., Seshia S. A., CPSGrader: Synthesizing Temporal Logic Testers for Auto-Grading an Embedded Systems Laboratory. International Conference on Embedded Software, EMSOFT, preprint
  • Donzé A., Valle R., Akkaya I., Libkind S., Seshia S. A., and Wessel. D. Machine Improvisation with Formal Specifications. International Computer Music Conference, ICMC'14, preprint
  • Donzé A., Frehse G., Modular Modeling of Control Systems in SpaceEx, European Control Conference, ECC'13, preprint
  • Donzé A., Ferrère T., Maler O., Efficient Robust Monitoring of Signal Temporal Logic, CAV'2013, preprint. slides.
  • Jin X., Donzé A., Deshmukh J., Seshia S., Mining Requirements from Closed-Loop Control Models, HSCC'13. preprint.
  • Bogomolov S., Donzé A., Frehse G., Grosu R., Johnson T. T., Ladan H., Podelski A., Wehrle M., Abstraction-Based Guided Search for Hybrid Systems, SPIN'13
  • Donzé A., Maler O., Bartocci E., Nickovic D., Grosu R., Smolka S., On Temporal Logic and Signal Processing, ATVA 2012, preprint. slides (unofficial).
  • Asarin E. , Donzé A., Maler O., Nickovic. D., Parametric Identification of Temporal Properties, Proc. of RV 2011, San Francisco, Sept. 2011, preprint. slides.
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  • Donzé A. and Maler O. (2010), Robust Satisfaction of Temporal Logic over Real-Valued Signals, FORMATS'10. preprint. slides.
  • Donzé A. (2010), Breach, A Toolbox for Verification and Parameter Synthesis of Hybrid Systems, CAV'10. preprint. slides.
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  • Dang T., Donzé A. and Maler O. (2004), Verification of analog and mixed-signal circuits using hybrid systems techniques, in FMCAD'04. preprint.

International workshops

  • Aksanli B., Akyurek A. S., Behl M., Clark M., Donzé A., Dutta P., Lazik P., Maasoumy M., Mangharam R., Nghiem T. X., Raman V., Rowe A., Sangiovanni-Vincentelli A., Seshia S. A., Simunic-Rosing T., Venkatesh J., Distributed control of a swarm of buildings connected to a smart grid: demo abstract, 1st ACM Conference on Embedded Systems for Energy-Efficient Buildings, 2014
  • Raman V., Donzé A., Maasoumy A., Model Predictive Control from Signal Temporal Logic Specifications: A Case Study (Work in Progress), Fourth Workshop on Design, Modeling and Evaluation of Cyber Physical Systems (CyPhy'14)
  • Pourcelot E., Mobilia N., Donzé A., Louis F., Maler O., Mossuz P., Fanchon E., Moulis J. M., Cellular Iron Homeostasis In Leukemia: Experimental And Modeling Approaches, in American Journal of Hematology, 2013
  • Mobilia N., Donzé A., Fanchon E., Moulis J.M., Producing a Set of Models for the Iron Homeostasis Network, Hybrid Systems in Biology, HSB'13
  • Mobilia N., Donzé A., Fanchon E., Moulis J.M., A Model of the Cellular Iron Homeostasis Network Using Semi-Formal Methods for Parameter Space Exploration, Hybrid Systems in Biology (HSB12), Newcastle, UK, September 2012
  • Jha S. K. , Donzé A., Paul R., Dutta-Moscato J., Mi Q., Clermont G., Vodovotz Y., Langmead C.J., Parameter Estimation and Synthesis for Systems Biology: New Algorithms for Nonlinear and Stochastic Models, International Conference on Complexity in Acute Illness, September 2010
  • Clarke E. M., Donzé A., Legay A. Statistical model checking of mixed-analog circuits, Formal Verification of Analog Circuits, Workshop of CAV'2008, Princeton, USA, July 2008

Technical Reports

  • Donzé A., Libkind S., Seshia S. A., Wessel D., Control Improvisation with Application to Music, Technical Report No UCB/EECS-2013-183
  • Dang T., Caspi, P., Donzé A., Frehse G., Girard A., Guernic C. L., Maler O., Nahhal T. and Nickovic., D. (2007), Research report on static verification of analog design., Technical report, Prosyd Deliverable D3.2/18, VERIMAG.
  • Dang T., Donzé A., Maler O., Nickovic D. and Pnueli A. (2007), Research report on timed/analog synthesis., Technical report, Prosyd Deliverable D2.2/5, VERIMAG.
  • Donzé A. and Shapero S. (2005), Search methods based control of the simplified model of the ABB power network, Technical report, Verimag.


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