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To contact me, you can come to my office, which is located on the campus of UC Berkeley, at, uh, Berkeley. More precisely, it's in Cory Hall, office 545S. Full address is:

Alexandre Donzé
University of California, Berkeley
Department of Electrical Engineering
& Computer Sciences
545S Cory Hall #1770
Berkeley, CA 94720-1770

You should really come visit California, especially Berkeley. However, I perfectly understand that Earth is quite a big ball, and going around it is not always that simple. So you will probably want to send me an email. Mine is simple: it's my family name donze, followed by the at symbol (where does that come from, by the way ?), followed by eecs, a single dot, then berkeley, another dot and edu. Note that you can drop the 'eecs', if you're lazy.

Anyway, sorry for the verbose disclosure of my email. I was just wondering whether those verybadware creeping the web were smart enough to decipher it from my text. My guess is, they are not.