(Dutch:) Vergeet de robot-apocalypse, kunstmatige intelligentie is nu een probleem

4 maart 2018. Een reactie geschreven naar aanleiding van een NRC column over superintelligentie, gepubliceerd via Medium.com.

De angst voor een apocalypse leidt vaak tot een gebrek aan redelijkheid en leidt de aandacht af van de problemen van vandaag. Momenteel doorleven we apocalyptische theorieën omtrent de lange termijn impact van kunstmatige intelligentie, gevoed door exponentiële technologische vooruitgang, economische onzekerheid en een goede dosis drang naar spektakel... lees hier meer.

Time to redefine what it means to be in tech - Launching a cross-disciplinary graduate group to reflect on issues of society & technology

December 3, 2017. Published on Medium.

Addressing the need to for a constructive and cross-disciplinary space to study and reflect on the societal implications of new technologies, Graduates for Engaged and Extended Scholarship around computing & Engineering (GEESE) aims to develop community among graduate students and postdocs interested in working at the intersection between engineering, the social sciences, and humanities. The group aims to (1) stimulate cross-disciplinary debate, scholarship and collaboration, (2) develop cross-disciplinary thought around new technologies and their societal/political implications, and (3) promote critical thinking, responsibility and engaged scholarship in engineering curricula. GEESE will start building community in Spring 2018 through various roundtables, seminars and social gatherings. We invite anyone interested to be involved or follow us to join our mailing list by contacting the GEESE organizing team.

Automating Us - the entanglement of people and machines

November 21, 2015. Appeared in the Berkeley Science Review Fall 2015 issue. See online version and print pdf.

With my peers Daniel Aranki, Jaime F. Fisac and Cathy Wu, I held a reading and discussion group in Summer of 2015 on the social implicaitons of automation. We materialized our insights and questions in a feature article for the Berkeley Science Review, titled Automating Us - the entanglement of people and machines. You can reach out to all of us with comments and ideas via automating.us@berkeley.edu.