Math 221 Class Survey, Fall 2011

Please fill out and turn in as soon as possible!

Full Name and Student ID number (if not a registered student, say so)

Phone, campus mail address, email address, URL (if you have one):

Enrolled, auditting, or undecided? 

Department, year in grad/undergrad school: 

Do you have access to a workstation with Internet access? 

For the following programming languages or environments are you
familiar/somewhat familiar/unfamiliar?
To which do you have access for doing homework assignments?

   Other (in particular, any parallel languages?)

Other relevant computing background (eg classes taken)

Relevant mathematics background (numerical analysis, linear algebra, other classes taken):

Why do you want to take this class? What are you most interesting in learning?

Which of the following are you most interested in learning about?
For each item, mark it as VI = Very Interested, RC = Reasonably Curious, or LI = Less Interested.

   How to quickly select the best algorithm and find the best existing implementation
     for a problem of interest to you

   The mathematical ideas underlying an algorithm, including how accurate it is,
     and how fast and why it converges

   The mathematical and computer science ideas underlying efficient implementations
     of an algorithm

   Implementing your own (versions of) algorithms, and evaluating their
     accuracy and/or efficiency

Please indicate your familiarity with the listed topics 
(Quite familiar, Somewhat familiar, Know what it is, Unfamiliar):
   Linear Independence

   Gaussian Elimination

   Least Squares

   Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors 
   Singular Value Decomposition (SVD)

   Conjugate Gradient method for solving Ax=b