CS267: Lecture 27, Apr 27 1999

Parallel Sparse Gaussian Elimination


Today is a guest lecture by Xiaoye Li on parallelizing Gaussian elimination for solving Ax=b when A is sparse.

Lecture Notes

  • Postscript slides, Part 1
  • HTML, Part 2
  • Postscript slides, Part 3
  • Primary Readings

  • Making Sparse Gaussian Elimination Scalable by Static Pivoting, by J. Demmel, and X. Li, SuperComputing 98.
  • An Asynchronous Parallel Supernodal Algorithm for Sparse Gaussian Elimination, by J. Demmel, J. Gilbert and X. Li, to appear in SIAM J. Mat. Anal. Appl. 1997
  • Secondary Readings

  • ``Parallel Numerical Linear Algebra'', by J. Demmel, M. Heath, and H. van der Vorst. Acta Numerica, volume 2, Cambridge U Press, 1993
  • ``Parallel algorithms for matrix computations'', by K. Gallivan, M. Heath, E. Ng, J. Ortega, B. Peyton, R. Plemmons, C. Romine, A. Sameh, A. and R. Voigt. SIAM, 1990