CS267: Lecture 11, Feb 23 1999

Sources of Parallelism and Locality in Simulation - II


We continue with our categorization of simulations of physical systems into four basic categories:
  • Discrete Event Simulation
  • Particle Methods
  • Lumped systems (governed by ODEs)
  • Continuous systems (governed by PDEs)
  • and discuss basic methods for parallelizing and exploiting locality in Lumped systems (ODES) and Continuous systems (PDEs).

    Lecture Notes

    Notes updated 2/24/99, with additions and typo fixes.
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  • Primary Readings

  • Notes from Lectures 11 and 12 from CS267, Spring 1996
  • Notes from Lecture 13 from CS267, Spring 1996
  • Secondary Readings

  • Triangle, a 2D mesh generator written by Jonathan Shewchuk.
  • PETSc, a Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation (an object oriented parallel PDE solver)
  • ParMetis, a parallel graph partitioner, by George Karypis
  • Prometheus a multigrid-based solver for finite element problems on irregular meshes, by Mark Adams
  • Example of Adaptive Mesh Refinement at LBL, by John Bell and Phil Colella
  • SuperLU_MT is a parallel implementation of sparse Gaussian elimination for SMPs, by Xiaoye Li. The following paper describes a distributed memory version about to be released.