CS267: Lecture 7, Feb 9 1999

Programming with MPI


We have a guest lecture by Bill Saphir of NERSC on programming in the ``message passing'' style using MPI. Bill is one of the designers of MPI.

NERSC is the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center, aka the supercomputer center up the hill at LBL. Among other facilities they run one of the world's largest unclassified supercomputers, a ~700 processor , as well as a visualization facility that we will visit later this semester. These facilities may be available for some CS267 class projects.

Lecture Notes

  • PDF version (from 1999)
  • Postscript version (from 1998)
  • Primary Readings

  • MPI on the NOW
  • Secondary Readings and References

  • MPI Standard HomePage
  • MPI Forum
  • See the last page of the 1999 lecture notes for a list of books on MPI.