CS 267 Lectures: Spring 2005

  • Lecture 1: Introduction
  • Lecture 2: High Performance Programming on a Single Processor: Memory Hierarchies, Matrix Multiplication, and Automatic Performance Tuning
  • Lecture 2 (cont): Automatic Performance Tuning (continuation of Lecture 2)
  • Lecture 3: Parallel Machines and Programming Models
  • Lecture 4: Shared Memory Machines and Programming; Example: Sharks and Fish
    Sharks and Fish code to discuss in lecture
  • Lecture 5: Distributed Memory Machines and Programming
    Guest Lecture on MPI Progamming by Bill Saphir, Chief Architect, National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC)
  • Lecture 6 Sources of Parallelism and Locality in Simulation - part 1
  • Lecture 7 (part 1): Sources of Parallelism and Locality in Simulation - part 2
    Lecture 7 (part 2): Tricks with Trees
  • Lecture 8: Dense Linear Algebra - Parallel Matrix Multiply
  • Lecture 9: Dense Linear Algebra - Parallel Gaussian Elimination
  • Lecture 10: Graph Partitioning
  • Lecture 11: Floating Point Arithmetic
  • Lecture 12: Guest Lecture by Xiaoye Li: Sparse Linear Algebra
  • Lecture 13: Guest Lecture by Katherine Yelick: Programming in UPC
  • Lecture 14: Solving PDEs - the Poisson Equation (1)
  • Lecture 15: Solving PDEs - the Poisson Equation (2)
  • Lecture 16: Guest Lecture by David Skinner on Parallel Application Scaling, Performance and Efficiency
  • Lecture 17: Hierarchical Methods for the N-Body Problem
  • Lecture 18: Load Balancing
  • Lecture 19: Guest lecture by Teresa Head-Gordon on Computational Biology
  • Lecture 20: Guest lecture by Michael Wehner on Climate Modeling
  • Lecture 21: Automatic Performance Tuning - Sparse Matrix Kernels
  • Lecture 22: Guest lectures by Osni Marques and Tony Drummond on the ACTS Collection of Advanced CompuTational Software.
    The software itself is here.
  • Lecture 23: Guest lecture by Julian Borrill on Computational Astrophysics - Analyzing Cosmic Background Radiation
  • Lecture 24: Guest lecture by Katherine Yelick on The Digital Human
  • Lecture 25: Unstructured Multigrid, based on work of Mark Adams
  • Lecture 26: Guest lecture by Phil Colella on Adaptive Mesh Refinement, part 1 and part 2.
  • Lecture 27: Guest lecture by David Anderson on Volunteer Computing, the technology behind SETI@home.
  • Lecture 28: Guest lecture by David Bailey, Chief Technologist of NERSC, on Performance Needs and Tools for High Performance Computers (pdf)
  • Home page for Performance Evaluation Research Center (PERC)
  • PERC survey paper on Status of Performance Research (pdf)
  • Summary of PERC work on Performance Tools (Word)
  • Paper by David Bailey and Allan Snavely on Performance Modeling (pdf)
  • Lecture 29: Guest lecture by Wes Bethel, leader of the LBNL Visualization Group, on Parallelism in Graphics