CS 267: Lecture 18, Mar 14, 1996

Sorting in Parallel

Today's lecture was prepared by Andrea Dusseau of the UC Berkeley Computer Science Division.

Click here for slides for today's lecture.

Click here for the more detailed paper "Fast Parallel Sorting under LogP: from Theory to Practice", David E. Culler, Andrea C. Dusseau, Richard P. Martin, and Klaus Erik Schauser, in "Portability and Performance for Parallel Processing", Chapter 4, pp.71-98, 1993, John Wiley & Sons.

Click here for the yet more detailed MS thesis "Modeling Parallel Sorts with LogP on the CM-5", Andrea C. Dusseau Masters Report, May 1994, Technical report UCB/CSD-94-829, submitted to IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems.

Click here for a gzipped tar file of Split-C code for the sorting algorithms described in the other documents.