Mon Jan 30 15:45:10 1995

Sather is an object-oriented language developed at the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) in downtown Berkeley. Since its initial release in 1991, Sather has undergone continuous development and acquired a devoted user base. In 1993 an extensively revised version of the language and compiler were released, and implementation of pSather (parallel/distributed extensions to serial Sather) is in progress. More infomation on the project can be found at

Support is available under Prof. Jerry Feldman for a graduate or undergraduate for contributions in any of the following areas:

    - pSather support
	- Parallel/distributed debugging
	- Distributed libraries
	- Portable runtimes
    - Compiler support
	- Incremental compilation
	- Interpretation and/or compile on-the-fly
	- Code optimization
	- Debugging and browsing tools
    - Library development and support
	- Data structures, numerical tools, GUI classes...
Mail to Jerry Feldman or David Stoutamire if you have further questions.