CS267 Handout 1: Class Survey

Full Name:

Enrolled, auditting, or undecided?

Department, year in grad school:

Phone, campus mail address, email address:

Do you have access to a UNIX workstation with internet access and X Windows?

Relevant computing background (machines, languages used):

Relevant mathematics background (numerical analysis, engineering, modeling, physics, etc.):

Briefly describe your most ambitious (or relevant) programming project.

Why do you want to take this class?

Do you have a particular problem/application you'd like to parallelize?

Please fill in the following table, indicating your familiarity with the listed topics. We will cover some or all of these topics during the class, but I want to know what people know.

                                    Quite    Somewhat   Know what   Unfamilar 
                                   familiar  familiar     it is   
X Windows 
Computer Block Diagram 
Memory Hierarchy 
Race Condition 
Graph algorithms
Sorting algorithms
Numerical Stability 
Matrix Multiplication
Gaussian Elimination 
Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors 
Newton's Laws of Motion 
Laplaces's or Poisson's equation 
Heat equation 
Wave equation 
Finite difference methods 
Successive Overrelaxation 
Fast Fourier Transform