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Thu May 18 15:08:12 1995

  • The class projects are now online. Take a look at them at your leisure.
  • Wed Mar 22 21:10:58 1995

  • Final Project Suggestions are now available.
  • Several people have reported taskq memory allocation errors, and were wondering if there is a problem with the taskq. Some *have* finished the project, and apparently have run the problem successfully on the 150x150 test matrix. Most likely, the machine is, once again, experiencing multi-user load problems. If everyone ran their program only for a short time and gave djm an accurate estimate of memory use, this shouldn't happen (unless you have bugs or there are big non-cs267 people on the machine who we can't control).
  • If it is of use to anyone, the matrix size for the race will *not* be larger than 150x150.
  • Mon Mar 20 15:28:49 1995

  • Note that most versions of C's scanf will read in IEEE Infinities in the format that matlab saves them, so you'll not need to do special processing.
  • Mon Mar 20 13:28:54 1995

  • I'll be holding office hours today from 5:30-6:30pm instead of the usual 4:00pm.
  • Mon Mar 20 02:05:22 1995

  • As expected, solutions to this assignment require more memory than is often available. Apparently, when memory is scarce, dynamic memory allocation fails. The best solution is to try not to step on each others toes. That means, for example, accurately estimating the memory requirements for djm, not running a single job for an excessively long time, using cmps and/or jstat often, etc.
  • Sun Mar 19 19:52:21 1995

  • The test distance matrix (150 cities) is now available for assignment 5. This matrix is from 2D Euclidean space, and in fact corresponds to points on the US geographical map (don't assume such a matrix for the race however). In fact, you can plot your path using the point file and the plot path script using the following matlab sequence.
        % assume your path is in the vector 'p'
        % in the output format mentioned here.
        load xy.mat -ascii
    If your path looks nice, it would be nice to include it in your writeup by using the matlab 'print' command. If you want to generate shorter or longer paths, check here.
  • Once again, we're going to stagger the due dates. In this version of the algorithm, subsequently refered to as DUE-DATE STAGGERING ALGORITHM 3 (DDSA3), if the last name of the person with the lowest ordinal value telephone number (only count the last 4 digits) in your group begins with the letters A-I, the assignment is due Tuesday evening 5:00pm, March 21st in my Soda box. If that person's last name begins with the letters J-Q, the assignment is due Wed evening 5:00pm. Letters R-Z, due Thursday at the race.
  • Thu Mar 16 03:38:12 1995

  • Details about assignment 5 are now available.
  • Thu Mar 9 01:18:21 1995

  • Comments on Assignment 4 are now available.
  • Sun Mar 5 21:58:44 1995

  • Assignment 4 will be returned in class on *Thursday*, 3/9.
  • Assignment 5 is out.
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