Dan Garcia's Video Archive

As I only have *1* VCR, this means that 99.99% of the time, all but one of these Videos are going unseen and gathering dust. If you are a local friend of mine and you'd like to borrow some of these videos (what will you give me for collateral, hmmm?) for a short period of time you're more than welcome! Use the feedback form on the bottom of the page to tell me which one(s) you want.

The protocol is that you're welcome to borrow several (up to 5) at a time, and can pick them up from my desk in 535 Soda when I bring them in to school. I come to school on Mondays and Wednesdays in the afternoon, and sometimes on the other days depending on talks/meetings I have.

Commercial Videos I own (a name by the title indicates it's out)

Animation (Traditional and Computer)



Stand-up Comedy

Videos one buys from TV ads



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