GSI Workshop for EE / CS / Engineering IDS
Computer Science

Workshop Leader: Dan Garcia
UC Berkeley : 121 Wheeler
1999-08-20 @ 10:15am - noon and 1:00pm - 2:30pm


This is an online version of notes for a workshop for the Fall 1999 Orientation and Teaching Conference for GSIs at UC Berkeley. (NB: Students may also find my EECS301 notes useful.) The URL for this page is:

No Matter what our attempts to inform, it is our ability to inspire that will turn the tides.
-- Syracuse Cultural Workers

Post-mortem Feedback

After the session, the students were asked to fill in an anonymous conference evaluation form. One of the questions was: "Please comment on the format of the workshop and the workshop leader's presentation style". I compiled every answer and placed them online.

First Section - CS GSI Issues


Fears and Preparations Exercise (5-10 min)

Post-mortem : Preparations summary

Post-mortem : Fears summary (with suggestions)

What basic components to expect (? = maybe)

Before the semester begins

During the semester

Teaching section

How to be an Outstanding GSI



Second section - Practice Teaching

Sample Teaching

Post-mortem : Comments & thoughts after 8 students gave talks

Pedagogical philosophy discussion (if time permits)



Post-mortem : Feedback from the students

I compiled every answer to the question of "Please comment on the format of the workshop and the workshop leader's presentation style" and placed them online.

Thanks to Kirt Williams "KW" (1996 GSI Workshop leader) for many of the ideas / notes in this outline

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