Ph.D. Graduation from Berkeley

2000-05-15 : I filed!

...paging Dr. Garcia...paging Dr. Garcia...

2000-05-19 : Pre-graduation gathering of GTAT++ parents

Parents discuss their Trivial Pursuit strategy...

students discuss their strategy...

when the dust is settled, the winner is crowned: Dan Rice.

2000-05-20 : The Big Day


What's up, Docs? Could it BE any hotter up there on stage?

Post-commencement photo sessions

Dan's parents with cousin Bethy | Dan's parents, friend Greg Wolff, and Dan's calculus teacher and basketball coach Dick White (all the way from Cooperstown, NY!) | Dan and parents

Angie Schuett and her proud parents | Yatin Chawathe, Tina Wong, Angie and Dan, | Dan and Coach | Dan's throng: (back row, L to R): friend and housemate Ronnen Levinson, cousins Bethy and Tim (middle row) Dan (front row) George Badgley, Mom, Tao Ye, Greg Wolff and Coach Dick White.

Standard poses, with just a little bit of silliness

Yatin and Tom | Dan and Greg | Dan and cousins (west siiiide!) | Yatin gets lifted by parents and Tom

The raising of the Titanic wasn't THIS difficult! Should I turn my head and cough now?

Departmental reception

Professor and mentor (for nearly a decade!) Brian Barsky meets coach and my parents.

Picnic @ Tilden

Dan Rice and Melissa Heyman chillin' | Joseph Cofresi after successfully retrieving the aerobie out of a tree | Monterey-based cousins Louie, Peggy, Peter and Robert Cofresi

(back row, standing) Nick, Mallea & Kai Henderson, Elinor Tuerk, Laurie Clausen, Roger Kumpf, Peter Rehl, Wendy Hindley, Brian Barsky, Merlin Hindley, Greg Wolff, Robert & Louis Cofresi, George Badgley, Peggy Cofresi, Mom, Mani and Michael Sheriar (front row) Ronnen Levinson, Tao Ye, Dan Rice, Melissa Heyman, Joseph Cofresi, Dan Garcia, Peter Cofresi, Dogs Scrappy and Noki (photo by Tim, on the R in the other photos)

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