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Daniel Dante Garcia (ddgarcia@cs.berkeley.edu)

My Garcia genes trace back several generations to Ceiba, Puerto Rico. If you go far enough back, I'm related to the famous Puerto Rican pirate Roberto Cofresí. As for me, I'm a Teaching Professor the Computer Science department of the University of California at Berkeley (UCB). I did my Undergraduate work at MIT before coming to Cal, where I received my Masters and Doctorate in Computer Science.

Danny Garcia (jazzbo@writeme.com)

I contract live bands from calypso trios and "society" dance bands to solo keyboard and piano for meeting planners, hotel convention managers, caterers, and cruise ship operators. I'm 100% Portuguese Azores for generations!

High Winds Studio
Jazz Piano trio
Steel Groove Calypso Hits
PO Box SN 280
Southampton SNBX

Daniel Garcia i Tarrazona (dgt@abaforum.es)

I am a Mediterranean man who lives in Barcelona (Spain), I like theatre, movies and SciFi.

Daniel Garcia (garciadb@centum.utulsa.edu)

I am a Work-Study Student at the University of Tulsa.

Daniel Quiñones Garcia (chiclana@www.esi.us.es)

I like to play the guitar very much, and also every kind of music that is based on this instrumet. Groups like the Rolling Stones, The Dire Straits. Of course the best is Mr. Eric Clapton (the one and only).

As I think you know, I'm from Spain, but, from the south of Spain. Do you know Andalucia? Chiclana? Chiclana is my city. We are around 50,000 persons there, but it's a hollyday city, so that in the summer we are around 100,000. We have an incredible beach ("Playa de la Barrosa"), that in the summer its full of foreigners. As I told you Chiclana is my city, but I'm studyin in Sevilla. I study "Industrial Enginiering". It's beautiful, but really, really, ..., really difficult. If you want to know some more things that i like:

Danny Raymond Garcia (zakz@pacbell.net)

I was born in Denver, Colorado, raised in Los Angeles class of 1967 for Junior high-Carnegie Jr High and Class of 1970 for My senior year-Norte Del Rio-which was completed in Sacramento, California. My interests are Computers, music, and the arts. I have been a DJ for over 16 years and have played in Clubs, Disco's, Parties, etc. I have an extensive Library and do editing, producing etc.

My mother is Mercedes V. Medina Garcia Hernandez, father James Garcia Sr., siblings are Martha, Deborah, James Jr.,Thomas, George, Dawn, Joan and his dog Kabul of 16 years. Millions of thanks [I appreciate] to God [The Almighty] And all my relatives that I would love to mention but they are always in my prayers.

Currently I am over Forty and Retired/self employed, trying to spend more time for myself venturing in my hobbies like music, art and producing music. I have had a wonderful work history and excellent time in the Music Industry and State and Federal Agencies as an Executive Secretary, Administrative Assistant, Computer Technician, Data Processing Technician, Data Entry Supervisor, Communications Specialist....etc...and the list goes on I Put in my years and retirement for both State and Federal Agencies to be able to retire Early and live off My pension. I have plenty of free time and enjoy meeting people... I yet to travel and see any part of the world.

Dan Sebastian Garcia (Dan__man@hotmail.com)

In my spare time I also like to surf the web and see whats new. I also like to play my guitar as well as hang out on IRC!

Daniel Garcia (Kender@esu.edu)

I am a fourth year computer science major at East Stroudsburg University out in eastern PA. I'm sort of back from spending a year on internship at Lawrence Livermore National Labs, where I worked with the Advanced Te Telecommunications program on Fibre Channel.

Daniel García-Mont (Daniel@tamu.edu)

My family is from Gurabo, Puerto Rico. I'm a student technician for the Texas Engineering Experiment Station. I attended Marcos de Niza High School in Tempe, AZ up to the beginning of my senior year and then transferred to Fayetteville High School in Fayetteville, AR. My father is named "Ramon Daniel Garcia-Barrios" but he goes by Daniel, so there's another "Daniel Garcia" for you!

Daniel Garcia (dangarcia78@yahoo.com)

Daniel Garcia Cervantez I'm a college student attending Westwood College. I'm a Student learning Graphic and Web Design. My goal in life is to be a succesful Web developer. On my free time I enjoy spending time with my family. Playing sports is a hobby I consistently do . I'm a big music fan , I like hard & some soft rock. My favorite band is The Cure. I also enjoy listening to groups like Korn, Slipknot, and Metallica. They are groups that inspire me to work hard and get the job done. I enjoy cooking Bar-B-Ques, once you taste some I'm sure you'll want another.

Daniel Garcia (dgarcia6@bellatlantic.net)

I used to live near Chiclana in Andalucia.

Oscar Daniel Garcia (odgarcia@gte.net)

I live in Premont, Texas and work as a EHS professional but I am degreed in Music and just came back from working in Peru as a consultant for a major oil company and saving the Rainforest. I am working on my second solo album and will release it soon.

Daniel Garcia (dannyg@unm.edu)

I am a student at the University of New Mexico in Albequerque.

Daniel Garcia (garcia@ced.berkeley.edu)

I am a student in the College of Engineering and Design at the University of California at Berkeley.

Daniel Anthony Garcia (garcia@uclink4.berkeley.edu)

I am a student at the University of California at Berkeley.

Daniel Eugene Garcia (nad@uclink2.berkeley.edu)

I am a student at the University of California at Berkeley.

Daniel Americo Garcia (a05442@academic.csubak.edu)

I am a student at California State University at Bakersfield. I can trace my roots back to Spain when my great grandparents left Spain during the revolution and came to live in Mexico. I also have geneology that traces back to Jumiliano Zapatta (sp?). I work as a Human resource manager for three local companies.

Dan Garcia (dgarcia@gladstone.uoregon.edu)

I am a student at the University of Oregon, where I am on the board of directors at MEChA

Dan Garcia (dgarcia@csus.edu)

I am a student at California State University, Sacramento.

Daniel Garcia (dang@altos.deo.uwm.edu)

I am the Student Services Specialist at the Pre-College Center, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. We run a Leadership Training Institute

Daniel García (danyg7007@yahoo.com)

I live in México City and work like a support chief.

Daniel García Martínez (daniel@polar.etsiig.uniovi.es)

Daniel is an EE student studying architecture un estudiante de Lic. en Ciencias de la Informatica, en UPIICSA del IPN, en la Ciudad de Mixico."

Daniel Garcia (Garcia@chipar.com)

Senior Economist, performs econometric analyses. He is working towards a joint Ph.D. degree in Economic History at The University of Chicago.

Daniel Garcia (DAgarcia@webbcounty.justice.com)

I am a Lt. with the Webb County Sheriff's Department in Laredo, Texas

Daniel Garcia (artist_danielgarcia@hotmail.com)

I am an artist, born and raised in Miami Beach Florida and I welcome any inquiries.

Daniel García (elchavo@mit.edu) (offline?)

I just graduated from MIT with a bachelor's in Computer Science/Engineering (hey, maybe you want to give me a job!!).

Danny Paul Garcia (discrepancydan@hotmail.com)

"I work at ENVISION, a non-profit organization for the blind. My wife, Angel, and I have two little girls, Valerie and Seava. We have lived in Spokane, WA for the past two years. Before that we lived in Lakenheath, England for two years, which is also where we met. I grew up in California--Canoga Park and Palmdale."

Danny Garcia (badguy@ix.netcom.com) (offline?)

Is a Gamer who helped Alex P. at Earthlink.

Daniel Alberto Cotarelo Garcia (dacg@sicoar1.satlink.net) (offline?)

Esperanto adresaro: Lauxlanda listo en Argentino

Daniel Paul Garcia (dvconsult@aol.com) (offline?)

Dan is a RISKNet subscriber

Non-networked Dan Garcias

Note that many of these people may be the same person. It's uh, kind of hard to tell...
  1. Dan Garcia
    Sportswriter for the San Francisco Examiner
  2. Dan Garcia
    Solid and Hazardous Waste Management contact, Alaska, 907-465-5161
  3. Dan Garcia
    Material Management at the University of Arizona
  4. Dan Garcia
    National Weather Service electronics technician
  5. Dan Garcia de la Cadena
    Sells four collectible cards: Phrynosoma douglassii, Uta stansburiana, Phrynosoma douglassii, Lichanura trivirgata...$6.00
  6. Dan Garcia Guzman
    Wrote "Hispanic Excellence in Education: From Social Virtue to Economic Imperative." in Today's Minorities, (Summer 1993) pp. 29-32.
  7. Dan Garcia
    Engineer on the cassette "BLACK AND WHITE IN A GREY WORLD" by Myrrh (Word), 1985.
  8. Dan Garcia
    Dan, from Springfield, Va, sued Chrysler (and won!) for his lemon minivan that leaked whenever it rained
  9. Dan Garcia
    Head Coach of the Univ. of Colorado, Denver Gymnastic team
  10. Dan Garcia
    Artist at San Francisco State University
  11. Dan Garcia
    Sportswriter for the Newark Star-Ledger
  12. Dan Garcia
    Owns a 1967 Bronco in Arizona
  13. Danny Garcia
    Runs the "Crime Bytes 3 BBS" in Miami FL (305)223-3517
  14. Danny Garcia
    Mail messenger at Illinois Institute of Technology who completed a Triathlon
  15. Danny Garcia
    Runs the "Garcia Gallery" in Monterey Bay, CA Here's a piece from there:
    It's called "Cypress Tree" on Jade (Photo by Atsushi Atarashi)
  16. Danny Garcia
    Manages "Las Guitarras" restaurant in Cotati, CA
  17. Daniel García
    corresponsal de COLOQUIO en Sevilla.
    P.O. Box 11572
    Baltimore, MD 21229-0572

  18. Daniel Garcia
    A student at Harvard, Daniel wrote for The Perspective in his article "Mergermania"
  19. Daniel Garcia
    Is a member of the Latin American Dance Club at the University of Iowa and attended their 95-10-03 meeting
  20. Daniel Garcia Pita, Esq.
    Works for J & A Garrigues in Madrid, Spain
  21. Daniel Garcia-Bruno
    Plays with the Bojan Z. Quartet on batterie
  22. Daniel Garcia
    Competed representing Mexico at the 1995 Japan Games and won the 20K walking race. He also holds the 16th best time in the history of the world in that event
  23. Daniel García
    Un hincha argentino, Daniel García murió a puñaladas en Paysandú, media hora después de terminado el partido entre Argentina y Chile. - Los agresores fueron argentinos y el motivo una pelea entre barras bravas. - Here's another story about it and another.
  24. Lt. General Daniel Garcia
    Named on 93-08-21 as the new Uruguayan army chief
  25. Daniel Garcia
    Boise State communication student Daniel Garcia won the Neil Shipman Award of Excellence in videography from the Idaho Film & Video Association.
  26. Daniel Garcia
    Plays for Lincoln High in San Francisco, California and scored 20 points in their Feb. 4, 1995 victory over Mission
  27. Daniel García Teijeiro
    is an engineer in the SAGRE project in Costa Rica
  28. Daniel García Blanco
    is also an engineer in Mexico, quien en 1991 logró que se materializara su deseo en una antigua construcción fabril, por los rumbos de La Lagunilla.
  29. Daniel Garcia Arce
    was on the Dossiers list as one of the 600 "Key Persons" in the File of the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy.
  30. Daniel Garcia
    Exports Manager of Chemical products and solvents in Mexico
  31. Daniel Garcia
    Leader of the Mexican National Canegrowers Union (UNC)
  32. Daniel Garcia
    (12th grade) I will begin by letting you know a little bit about myself. I come from a country located on the southern hemisphere, in the part which is called South America. My country is Venezuela, blessed with the most beautiful beaches.
  33. Daniel Garcia, MD
    Wrote Outpatient Care Handbook, 1993. 275 pp. A Hanley & Belfus, Inc. publication. ISBN 1-5605-3057-X
  34. Daniel Garcia
    Dan, of San Fransicso, lost his father Nicholas Monte Garcia, Sr. on 95-11-04
  35. Daniel Garcia Raimundo
    Um Convocado com a letra D
  36. Daniel Garcia
    Placed 99th in the Male age group of 35-39 in the Dallas, TX White Rock Marathon on 95-12-10 with a time of 3:22:58.
  37. Daniel Garcia
    is an undergraduate in Princeton's EE dept, due to graduate in 1997
  38. Daniel Garcia Dani
    was born on 74-12-22
  39. Daniel Garcia-Pablos Miro
    Fisica de Sistemas Pequenios CSIC-UAM, Spain
  40. Daniel García
    Psicslogo. Director, PRONOVA Consultorma Organizacional. Ex Gerente de Servicios Price Waterhouse
  41. Daniel Garcia
  42. Daniel Garcia
    Scored a 212 at Bonwood Bowl in Salt Lake City, Utah
  43. Daniel Garcia
    Daniel is a Family Research Council (FRC) Research Assistant
  44. Daniel Garcia
    Wrote a paper about "Design and Implementation of the LLNL Gigabit Testbed"
  45. Daniel P. Garcia
    Senior Vice President, Real Estate Planning and Public Affairs, Warner Brothers
  46. Daniel Garcia
    President of "Salsa Catering and Special Events", 4006 Third Ave, Bronx, NY 10457 (212) 716-2020

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