Computer Science 39a : Homework #6
Due Wednesday, October 8, 1997


The purpose of this homework is to understand how to create 3D geometry, learn how to use Infini-D and learn how to make your first 3D animation and put it on the web.

To begin, choose a new partner and go to 111 Cory

While in class, choose a new partner (you haven't had before) so that one of you knows how to use a Macintosh and one of you doesn't. Walk into 111 Cory (our Multimedia lab) together and sit down in front of a Macintosh. Each of you is going to do your own character, but you should help each other in case questions arise.


Roughly, here are the steps:
  1. Model your character on paper. Give it/him/her a name.
  2. Use Infini-D to implement the model and make an animation.
  3. Render the animation to Quicktime
  4. Put the animation on the web

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