Computer Science 39a : Homework #4
Due Friday, September 26, 1996


The purpose of this homework is to understand image morphing better by doing it yourself! It is also to have lots of fun playing with morphing yourself into another person.

To begin, choose a new partner and go to 111 Cory

While in class, choose a new partner (you haven't had before) so that one of you knows how to use a Macintosh and one of you doesn't. Walk into 111 Cory (our Multimedia lab) together and sit down in front of a Macintosh. Each of you is going to do your own morph, but you should help each other in case questions arise.

Doing the morph (is this like doing the 'Macarena'?)

  1. While sitting in front of the mac, turn it on. (upper right button on the keyboard)

  2. Double-click on the User Storage folder.

  3. Double-click the folder called cs39a, you'll see this:

  4. Double-click the Netscape alias icon, then find this URL, which is

  5. Double-click the Morph alias icon (this starts the Morph program)

  6. The program boots and starts with two windows like this:
    The tall skinny one on the left is the Tool palette and the cool-looking one on the right is the storyboard window.

  7. Double-click the left black window (called a thumbnail) in the storyboard window. This will bring up the "Choose a file to open" dialog box. You are now going to find your photo.

  8. Successively click on:

  9. Do the same thing for the right window to choose the person you will morph into. This morph order is printed here, so choose the person whose name appears below yours:

  10. Your window should now look like this, with your picture in the left thumbnail and the person you'll morph into in the right window.

  11. Click on both thumbnails and put the windows that come up side-by-side.

  12. For each window, click on the lower part of the "5" in the upper-right counter until until it reads "1".

  13. Select Windows->Morph Image from the menu

  14. Put that morph window centered beneath both images, like this.

  15. Change the time of the window to .50 using the slider.

  16. Select Sequence->Morph from the menu

  17. You should see results like this.

  18. Select File->Save to save your morph document to the folder: "Put morphs here" as the name:
    YOUR_INITIALS->THEIR_INITIALS morph, for example in the Dan Garcia (DG) morphing into Brian Barsky (BB) case the file would look like:

    DG->BB morph
    Any region you see that doesn't seem to align and seems half-faded is the result of a poor morph due to bad registration. You need to register your images. First go down to Sproul Hall and pick up a registration form (no, just kidding). Registering two images is the process of telling the computer where similar features exist in each. For example, the nose might be a few pixels to the left in one image, or one image may be smiling and the other image isn't. To create a good morph, you need to tell the system about all of these inconsistencies.

  19. When you are done placing your registration marks, you are ready to make your movie. Select Export Movie... from the File menu.

  20. Put your movie in the folder "Put morphs here" as a Quicktime file named: YOUR_INITIALS->, for example in the Dan Garcia (DG) morphing into Brian Barsky (BB) case the file would look like:


  21. Make sure the settings look like this dialog box, 10fps, Medium quality and Video Color compressor.

  22. You can select File->Open to look at your movie.

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