Computer Science 39a : Homework #3
Due Friday, September 19, 1997


The purpose of this homework is twofold:

Setting up a homepage

This is a very simple process. Here you will do the following:
  • Create a homepage
  • Make a link to another homepage
  • Find an animation or animation page somewhere and link to it.
  • Include an image
  • To set up a homepage, type the following to your cs39a-a??letter?? account:
    % mkdir ~/public_html
    % chmod 755 ~/public_html
    % mkdir ~/public_html/gifs
    % chmod 755 ~/public_html/gifs
    % cp ~cs39a/public_html/template.html ~/public_html/index.html
    % chmod 644 ~/public_html/index.html
    % emacs ~/public_html/index.html
  • Then edit the file appropriately, removing anything in ??WORDS?? with your own information.
  • Here's how a student might edit the file.
  • Remember, if you ever want to see how someone has created something neat, choose View Source from the File menu.
  • Here's a great place to get images To figure out the HEIGHT and WIDTH of a picture, click with the right mouse button (click and hold on Macintoshes) on the image and select "Open this image" from the menu. The numbers will be in the title of the window, WIDTH x HEIGHT.
  • Test your home page with this link (click on your cs39a name)
  • Running a Forward-Kinematic Application (SPAM)

    (SPAM Movies)

    This is more fun that setting up your own homepage (if you can believe that). Here's what you'll do.

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