Computer Science 39a
Homework #2 Turn-in


Welcome to cs39a's very first electronic assignment. No trees cut down and no animals were harmed in the creation of this assignment. Fill in all the fields below, then click the "Send it!" button at the bottom to send the message. The text input areas will grow as needed. Use the scrollbars to view text you've already entered that has scrolled up.
1. Your name:

2. Your UNIX account (just the last two letters):

3. Your partner's name:

4. What is a fun URL you have discovered?

5. A UNIX command you have found useful which was NOT listed on the sheet:

6. What was your favorite figlet font?

7. What is the last word in the emacs on-line tutorial?

8. What is one thing you liked about this assignment?

9. What is one thing you didn't like about this assignment?

10. What is a hope or expectation you have regarding this course?

11. What is your favorite animation (computer or otherwise)? Describe why you liked it and describe it for people who may not have seen it.

12. Copy and paste your .signature here. You can do that by typing
cat ~/.signature
and then copying that text by dragging over it with the right mouse and pasting it in the field by clicking the middle button when the cursor is over this area.

13. What is a good subtitle for the above cartoon? (optional...just for fun)

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