Computer Science 39a : Final Projects

Storyboard Joe

Joe has always wanted to meet Barbara Walters. He goes home and thinks about writing an animation to show to 20/20 to meet her. While he's thinking he sits back in his chair and the chair tips over. He falls and gets a head concussion and starts bleeding from his head. Still "affected" (shall we say) from the fall, he gets back up and sits at his desk again. He starts thinking again. He starts tapping his pencil. He taps it sooo hard the pencil gets out of control and flies in the air and gets stuck in his eye. With blood flowing all over the place, he gets another pencil and looks down on an empty piece of paper. While still trying to think of a story, he straightens the papers on his desk and gets deep paper cuts on his hands. So with blood spurting out from his head, his eye and now his hands, he gets a phone call and stands up to reach for the phone. As he's answering the phone, he slips on his own blood and gets strangled by the phone cord. He's rushed to the hospital. He is promptly interviewed by Barbara Walters because of these events.


Mac vs. PC

The camera moves down an "assembly line" of PC users in a corporate setting. The PC users mood is sad. At the end of the line is our main character. He seems frustrated. The camera angle rotates to the point of view of our main character. The character wants to eject his disk and tries to do it by dragging an icon of the disk to the recycle bin, but it doesn't work. He then reaches for a paper clip to eject the diskette (only Macs are able to eject diskettes with a paper clip). He fails once again. He walks home frustrated. While home, he sits at his desk and turns on his own computer. The mac sound is heard and he smiles. View switches to see the monitor. We see our character making 3D animation, making "cool" graphics and after he is done he puts his diskette in the trash and it pops out from the mac. He swings his chair 90 degrees, reaches for a dart and throws it at the target, which we see is a bill gates picture. The character laughs.


Ice Cubes

The scene is a kitchen. Slowly pan towards the fridge, while music fades in. Keep zooming onto the fridge, primarily the freezer section. New camera, in the freezer. Ice cubes playing. Four or five cubes pick on sad cube in the game. Door opens while four or five are laughing at sad cube. A hand reaches in and takes the four or five. Little sad cube is scared. Camera on a glass with the four or five whimpering within. Sad cube decides he's got to rescue them. He backs up and makes a running leap onto the counter, where he knocks over the glass. Everyone's happy, they carry him away as a hero. While walking away, however, the sun hits them and they all melt.


The Chair

A chair (our hero) is sitting in a corner. Music and laughter is heard. The chair rocks to the music and is really enjoying the scene. The chair looks right and left, nobody around. Then it looks up, and sees a big butt in front of it. (zoom in on huge butt) The chair gasps "oh, no!". A rather large man then sits on the chair, which buckles a bit under the weight. The man finally gets up and the chair breathes a sigh of relief. A beautiful female walks toward the chair (we hear a wolf whistle) at which point the chair is very psyched. The chair is hoping the female will sit on him, and she finally does.


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