Computer Science 39a : Final Projects
Unfortunately, due to MPEG limitations on the Mac, there is no easy way to convert a Quicktime movie with sound to an MPEG movie with sound. So, what we have is a sound-less MPEG movie and a .aiff file that you can synchronize on your own using Quicktime 2.0 tools.

Smiley's Big Adventure

Mr. Happy face is seen waving in front of a mountain. The screen shakes (Mr. Happy isn't happy!), and an avalanche and rock slide chases Mr. Happy down the hill. He ends up at a cliff, and, seeing the rocks approach behind him, takes a dive into the water. As he floats down, we see tons of Mr. Happys at the bottom of the lake.


The Hard Target

An arrow's job is to hit its target. But when the target won't cooperate, that's when the fun starts (in this case). When the main character is shot from his bow, the target dodges and ducks, while the arrow tries anything he can to hit him. The arrow, trees in the woods, and the target all have personalities (of sorts). There are almost endless possibilities to what could happen here.


Hammer & Nail

A nail runs into wierd deserted landscape, obviousely terrified. It collapses, panting, looking around furtively. It begins to relax, then out of nowhere the hammer comes in, misses again and again. Then the hammer descends with great velocity, striking the nail and cracking the wood. The hammer falls, blacks out, and is shown prostrate.


The Fly

A fly is seen buzzing around a bald head. The person hits the fly, but the fly moves away in time, resulting in a large bump on the head. The fly continues to land on the person, who continues to damage himself attempting to squash the fly, until the fly is finally vanquished..


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