Computer Science 39a : Final Projects


(41Mb Quicktime)

The main character is a squid who always gets struck by lightning. He starts walking down a street and sees a pack of dogs. As he tries to talk to them, lightning strikes and one of the dogs gets fried. All the other dogs get mad and call him names as he walks away. Sad and lonely, the squid walks on and says hello to a family standing in front of their house. Lightning strikes and the daughter gets cooked. The family yells at the squid as he walks away,feeling even more sad and lonely. He sits on a rock to sulk and cry. Then, an electric eel comes and sits down next to him, buzzing and sparking and glowing. The squid,glowing and sparking too, sees his new friend and they live hapilly ever after. Maybe as they glow together a small dog walks behind them and gets fried.


Clumsy Kid

(51Mb Quicktime)

There's a little kid on a field trip to a museum. He gets bored, goes to a corner where there's a tree, puts his feet up and falls asleep. He wakes up and runs to a glass door, bangs on it to no avail, and realizes the museum is closed. So he wanders around, finds the Mona Lisa, picks it up, looks at it, starts walking around, trips and his head goes through the painting. He puts it back on the wall, walks around some more, finds the statue of David, starts measuring up against it, leans on it (back to back), tips it over, its head breaks off and rolls into a gallery full of crystals or Ming vases breaking them all. The kid walks over to a fountain, jumps in, frolics around, fills his pockets with change and gets out. We fast forward to the next morning where he nonchalantly walks out the museum while the authorities are running in to find out the cause of all the destruction.


The Bears

(17Mb Quicktime)

Our movie is going to be strongly based around music and sound editing. The setting is a campfire scene, in which there are going to be two guitarists and a bongo-drummer. The camera makes its way through the "B" in "The Bears" that is cut out from a black plane placed perpendicular to the camera, and reveals the campfire scene. The camera will rotate around the campfire, fading in and out as the musicians play to a "Ben Harper" tune. Then the camera will pan into the eye of one of the musicians, where the bear will be running at him. This image will become the next scene that will portray the bear mauling that guitarist. Accompanied by dramatic music, the violent struggle will give way to a chase, in which the bear will crush one of the guitars in running after the other two guys. The chase will occur through the trees accompanied by the "Batman theme." One of the musicians will run into the darkness, while the bear will chase the other up a tree. The camera will move up the tree and then move to show the moon. At this time, music will start up again and the camera will move back through the trees towrd the campfire. As the bear makes his way back through the clearing, he will see his two bear friends playing the remaining instruments. As the bear sits down, the camera pans out while the music continues.


Poo Happens

(36Mb Quicktime)

A guy (reading his newspaper) & dog sit on bench under a tree by a cafe. A bird flies by and sits on tree branch. Bird notices dog and then at first accidentally poos on dog's head. Dog gets mad and barks at bird which only shrugs and chirps. Owner, annoyed by dog's barking, yells at dog, and hits him with newspaper, and dog stops and sits. Another bird comes and sits on branch by other bird. Bird whispers something to other bird & they both strain & poo on dog. Dog gets even madder and barks and yelps and jumps around at birds. Owner gets frustrated, says a few things, & ties dog to tree to distance dog from him. Dog, feeling a bit funny, strains and poops, he steps away and reveals his own poop, feeling relieved. Dog looks up and steps away quickly as poo is about to fall on him. Dog, feeling accomplished, looks up, points, and laughs at birds (with his eyes closed). Suddenly, birds poo into his mouth, dog turns green and barfs. Some of it gets on owner's shoes. Owner gets mad, hits dog with paper, and takes dog away. As they walk away, owner is grumbling, & throws away his paper into air. Paper hits birds and birds fall into dog's poop. Dog sees this and continues walking, happily wagging its tail.


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