CS 294-78: Special topics on Technologies for Education
and Learning at Large Scale

Dawn Song
Elaine Shi
Soda Hall 405
Lecture Times
Friday, 1:00-3:00pm

Course Description

    The rapid development of computing technologies has greatly transformed and will continue to transform the education landscape. How will new technologies shape our education system in the future? How can we best leverage new technologies to enhance the effectiveness and the outreach of our education system, while reducing the cost? What are the key problems and challenges in achieving such goals? How can our education system benefit from emerging technologies such as crowd sourcing, pervasive computing, machine learning, and program analysis? What are the structural and societal implications of these disruptive technologies for education? How will technology change the role of universities in the future?

    In this course, we will explore these intriguing topics. We will together brainstorm, discuss, envision, and conceive the future education system. We will also invent and build new technologies for education, and collect real-world data to validate our designs. Topics intended for discussion include but are not limited to:

    -- Using program analysis and machine learning for automatic grading, and automatic identification of students' problems
    -- Personalized learning
    -- Learning in a pervasive computing environment
    -- New platform technologies for education
    -- Game-based learning
    -- Crowd-sourcing and learning at large-scale
    -- Evaluation technologies
    -- Economic and psychological aspects of technology-enhanced learning
    -- Societal impact of online education

Course Schedule


Mailing list: Please join Google Groups http://groups.google.com/group/cs294-78-s12 to receive announcements about the class.

Class Format

The class is research and discussion oriented. Students will be asked to survey technologies and read related papers offline. We will invite guest lecturers to talk about selected topics. Students will also be asked to give presentations on selected technologies which they have surveyed.


Students should prepare to work on a class project. Students should form groups of size 1 to 2 by the end of the 2nd lecture. The project proposal is due at the end of the 4th lecture. Students will give project presentations and submit a final project report at the end of the semester.


40% Class particpation
60% Project

Scribe Notes

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