CS 294: Advanced Topics in Computer Security

Dawn Song
Noah Johnson
Soda Hall 310
Lecture Times
Thu, 2:30-5:10pm

Course Description

    In this class, we will first explore the context and some foundational questions of security research and practice in general, such as why are some security technologies deployed and others fail, how we measure security and assess risk, and the economics of security. We will also learn to have an attacker's mind by studying various recent attacks. These questions and studies will help the students develop a foundation and a well-rounded view for security research. With this foundation, we will then cover some of the state-of-the-art research results and on-going research activities in a number of topics in software security, web security, security and privacy issues in cloud computing, mobile devices and networks, and medical devices and systems. We will explore how to define and address security research questions in these settings. In particular, we will discuss new threats emerged from these new platforms and applications such as web2.0, the rich cloud and mobile platforms, and medical systems, study various analysis techniques and tools for vulnerability discovery and threat analysis, and explore approaches for building in better security in these platforms and applications. This class is particularly suited to students who are interested in learning about current research activities and conducting research projects in computer security.

Course Schedule

Here's the course schedule and reading list.



15% Class particpation
15% Reading notes and critique
15% Scribe notes
20% Project 1
35% Project 2

Scribe Notes

The template for scribe notes is here with the Makefile. Pls read the comments in the beginning of the file to follow the naming convention for your files. Thanks!

Homework submission

Weekly written assignments based on the readings can be found on the course schedule and reading list page. These assignments should be turned in by 5pm on Wednesday (the day before class). Students should submit a hard copy to Dawn's office (675 Soda), as well as email a copy to 294.s10@gmail.com. It's important that you finish these assignments on time, since we will discuss the questions during class.