CS 294 Project Presentations

Here is the schedule of project presentations.

Tuesday, May 7th

3:40 Dennis Geels Efficient Offline Electronic Currency
3:50 --- ---
4:00 Umesh Shankar Hidden Markov Models and Their Application to Computer Security
4:10 --- ---
4:20 Nikita Borisov Cryptanalysis of A5/1
4:30 A. Rajagopala-Rao Implementation Attacks on Cryptosystems
4:40 Ben Reichardt (???)

Tuesday, May 14th

3:40 Kenji Obata Survey of Information-Theoretic Private Information Retrieval
3:50 Devin Jones (hash functions?)
4:00 Rob Johnson Time-space tradeoffs for non-uniform distributions
4:10 M. Haren + S. Sorkin Investigating Time-Space Tradeoffs on Non-uniform Distributions
4:20 Lea Kissner Non-Number Theoretic Cryptosystems
4:30 Paul Twohey Hidden Markov Models
4:40 Sean Rhea The Security of OceanStore


Project presentations are intended to teach us something interesting about your topic. You don't have to be comprehensive (that's the role of the project report). You can give only the intuition and skip details if you like, or you can dive right into the technical stuff if you prefer.

Think of this as a guest lecture, except you only need to prepare for a 10 minute lecture rather than a 90 minute lecture. This is your chance to tell us something new and exciting!

Remember that 10 minutes leaves time only for a short presentation (3-5 slides). Plan in advance about how to focus on only the most interesting and relevant aspect of your project. Practice your talk at least once beforehand.

If you are presenting in the 3:40 time slot, it is your obligation to arrive to class at least 5 minutes early to take care of setting up your equipment in advance.

You're welcome to use transparencies, present from your laptop, or draw on the whiteboard. If you want to use transparencies, please let me know in advance so I can arrange for an overhead projector. If you need any other form of visual aid, please let me know in advance and I'd be happy to help arrange for equipment to be available.

David Wagner, daw@cs.berkeley.edu, http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~daw/.