Here you may find some of my talks and presentations. Comments welcomed.

This page includes only talks that are not associated with a published technical paper. For presentations of conference papers, see the list of my technical papers.


The State of Electronic Voting, 2008
Keynote presentation, LISA '08, November 14, 2008.
Object Capabilities for Security
Google techtalk, November 30, 2007.
Object Capabilities for Security
TRUST seminar, September 6, 2007.
Cryptanalysis of a Cognitive Authentication Scheme
Rump session talk, CRYPTO 2006, August 23, 2006. [ppt]
Cryptographic protocols for electronic voting
Invited talk, CRYPTO 2006, August 23, 2006. [ppt]
Object Capabilities for Security
Invited talk, PLAS 2006, June 10, 2006. [ppt]
The Future of Software Security
Berkeley EECS Annual Research Symposium (BEARS 2006), February 23, 2006. [webcast]
Privacy in pervasive computing: What can technologists do?
Invited talk, SECURECOMM 2005, September 6, 2005.
Pushdown model checking for security
Invited talk, joint session of SPIN 2005 and SecCo 2005, August 22, 2005. [powerpoint]
Program analysis for security: Making it scale
OSQ 2005 retreat, May 13, 2005. [powerpoint, ps]
The Conventional Wisdom About Sensor Network Security ... Is Wrong
IEEE Security & Privacy 2005, invited panelist, Security in Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks, May 11, 2005. [powerpoint, ps]
Risks in Paperless E-voting
Computers, Freedom, and Privacy 2004, invited panelist, Electronic Voting: The Great Paper Trail Debate, April 23, 2004.
Towards a unifying view of block cipher cryptanalysis
Fast Software Encryption 2004, invited speaker, February 7, 2004. [powerpoint]
Internet Voting: Technology and Policy Issues
Guest lecture, Technology and Policy, November 19, 2003.
Security for Sensor Networks: Cryptography and Beyond
2003 ACM Workshop on Security of Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks (SASN 2003), invited speaker, October 31, 2003. [powerpoint]
Crypto Theory and Security Practice
ISC 2003, invited panelist, "Relationship between cryptography and network security research", October 2, 2003. [powerpoint]
Software Security
9th Annual Symposium on Frontiers of Engineering, session on Counterterrorism Technologies and Infrastructure Protection, September 19, 2003. [powerpoint]
Security Types to the Rescue
Software Security Workshop, June 16, 2003.
Wireless Security
EECS Colloqium, UC Berkeley, March 12, 2003. [powerpoint]
Wireless Security: Why Swiss-Cheese Security Isn't Enough
Berkeley in Silicon Valley, March 1, 2003. [powerpoint]
Cellphone security
SAC 2002, Aug 16, 2002. [powerpoint]
New attacks on t-bit OFB and CFB modes: A cautionary note regarding IV selection
CRYPTO 2002 rump session, August 20, 2002.
MOPS: MOdelchecking Security Properties
CHATS PI meeting, July 11, 2002. [powerpoint]
Security in 802.11 Wireless Networks
IEEE Infocom 2002, invited panelist, "Securing Wireless and Mobile Networks - Is it Possible?". June 25, 2002.
Software Security: Enforcing defensive programming through software model checking
7th ACM Symposium on Access Control Models and Technologies (SACMAT 2002), invited panelist, "Cool Security Trends", June 3, 2002.
Wireless security
CRA Digital Government Fellow presentation at the FCC, Apr. 29, 2002. [powerpoint, streaming audio/video archive]
A few open problems in computer security
NAS Board on Mathematical Sciences and their Applications, Workshop on Homeland Security, Apr. 27, 2002. [powerpoint, pdf]
Cellphone security
UC Berkeley seminar: Digital Defense: Issues in Security, Privacy and Critical Infrastructure Protection, Feb. 11, 2002.
Analysis and design of symmetric ciphers
Contemporary Methods in Cryptography, IPAM workshop, Jan 2002. [powerpoint, pdf]
Static analysis and software assurance
Static Analysis Symposium 2001, invited session on security. [powerpoint]
Practical failure modes in protocol analysis
Computer Security Foundations Workshop, invited panel talk, June 2001.
A survey of the AES process
Xerox PARC forum, 30 Sept 1999.
Equivalent keys for HPC
Rump session talk at AES'99.
Practical Computer Security
Eric Brewer, Ian Goldberg, David Wagner, International Workshop on Cryptographic Techniques and E-Commerce (CrypTEC '99), City University of Hong Kong, July 5, 1999.
Practical proofs of security for the Unix password hash function
Stanford security seminar, 1 June 1999.