Globe and Mail, Mon., 8 Jan., 1996, p. B6

The up and comers

THESE entrepreneurs and companies, many of them still young, are not household names. But at the pace they're going, they all have the potential to become big players. What do they have in common? Perhaps it's not surprising that many are in the high-tech sector. And a few are gearing up to take their companies public in the coming year. Keep an eye open for them in 1996 - and beyond.

[9 others, 8 of whom had listed 1995 incomes of over $3 million, elided]

Ian Goldberg, 22

He is not in business yet, but remember the name

Mr. Goldberg, a Toronto native, was one of the two University of California computer students who detected a major security flaw in the Internet software developed by Netscape Communications Corp.

Netscape, a stock market darling after it went public in August, based its reputation on its assurances of security in its system. But Mr. Goldberg and David Wagner discovered they could break the program's coding system in less than a minute, giving hackers access to information such as credit card numbers.

Following the revelation, Netscape shares plunged in price and the company scrambled to fix its software within a week.

Mr. Goldberg studied computer science at the University of Waterloo before heading off to graduate school at UCLA at Berkeley. The rest is now part of Netscape history.

- Janet MacFarland