In addition to long-distance running and triathlon, I also enjoy playing chess and the piano. Here are a few of my race results:

Date Name of Race Time
2018-12-02 California International Marathon, Sacramento, CA, USA TBD
2018-06-10 Seattle Half Marathon, WA, USA 1:26:54
2018-03-25 Oakland Marathon, CA, USA 3:15:33
2018-02-10 Bay Breeze Half Marathon, San Leandro, CA, USA 1:29:18
2017-11-05 Golden Gate Half Marathon, San Francisco, CA, USA 1:33:47
2017-07-30 Ironman Canada, Whistler, BC, Canada 13:07:45
2016-11-13 Cambridge Half Marathon, MA, USA 1:33:10
2016-07-24 Ironman 70.3, Calgary, AB, Canada 5:39:34
2016-03-20 Oakland Marathon, CA, USA 3:29:18
2015-11-22 Berkeley Half Marathon, CA, USA 1:38:34
2015-04-04 Grizzly Peak Half Marathon, Berkeley, CA, USA 2:03:36
2014-11-02 US Half Marathon, San Francisco, CA, USA 1:40:13