TITAN: A Next-Generation Infrastructure for Integrating Computing and Communication

Funded by the National Science Foundation CISE Institutional Infrastructure Program

The Computer Science faculty at the University of California at Berkeley is developing as its computing and communication infrastructure a new type of computing system, called Titan. This computing system comprises an integrated ensemble of computing and communication elements, organized to provide the user with a number of services that we think will characterize the practice of computing into the next century. The most important of these are (i) multimedia (especially video) capabilities in delivery vehicles, storage and communication, (ii) huge computing power (especially from clusters of workstations operating as a single parallel computer) and enormous storage space, (iii) innovative parallel languages, debuggers, and libraries, and (iv) high accessibility from mobile as well as fixed locations.

Primary Components of the Project

NOW: Architecture and OS for a Network of Workstations

NOW: Network of Workstations as a High Performance Integrated System

Areas of Research within the NOW Component

Castle: Core parallel programming and language support

The Castle Project: Integrated software support for parallel computing.

Areas of Research within the Castle component

MultiMedia Systems Support and Content Development

Areas of Research within the Multimedia component

Driving Applications

General CS Research Infrastructure

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