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The Fifth International TinyOS Technology Exchange will provide another exciting forum for worldwide TinyOS community  to learn from one another about  important recent developments in open embedded networking and to participate in shaping future directions.   It will continue the tradition of in-depth technical discussions, rich hands-on demonstrations, and thoughtful panels on emerging issues.

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Friday, Feb. 22, 2008, 8:30 am - 5 pm
Sibley Hall, University of California Berkeley in the Bectel Engineering Bldg.  (map)
Who: Members of the industry, research, and education community actively working in the wireless embedded network space with TinyOS.   Application deployments, research activities, hardware and software developments, specifications, and theoretical progress are all encouraged.
Registration Page (Please register by Feb 12) for attendence

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Call for Participation

The TTX is a yearly venue where developers, users, and companies involved in low-power wireless sensing get together to talk about recent developments and future directions. The focus of this year's meeting is the is on the solid working group outputs in the core of TinyOS 2, networking, tools and documentation.

The TinyOS Alliance Steering Committee encourages anyone who is interested in, using, exploring or advancing TinyOS-based technologies to attend. There will be in-depth reports from seven TinyOS working groups, a session on new working group formation, and a series of interesting panels that bring industry and academia together to discuss the important challenges ahead. The focus of the event is ultimately on the community, its innovations, and its work, and so there are several ways to participate and share your accomplishments:

  1. The contributions session. The session will continue the process started last year with two-slide, three- minute presentations from members of the community describing work they've done and which others can use. All you need to do is bring your slides and get up to the microphone. Contributions to any version of TinyOS (pre-1.0, 1.0, 1.1, 2.0) are welcome.
  2. The demo session. If you've built a new application, a new platform, have new technology or new research ideas that you want to demonstrate to the TinyOS community, this is a great forum for doing so.
  3. The working group formation session. Is there an area that you think bringing interested parties together to collaborate would help advance research and technology? This session provides an opportunity to present proposals for new working groups to the community, in order to gather support, interest, and momentum. 
  4. Working Group breakout Q&A.  Sit down with active members of the working group for more in depth discussions on works accomplished, works planned, and potential participation.

The event is free for students, and has a $50 registration fee for non-students; this fee is to cover costs for the coffee breaks and lunch which will be served.


Start End
8:00 8:30
Registration & Setup
9:00 9:10
Opening & Welcome [ ppt ]

Reports from the working groups

9:10 9:25

TinyOS Core Working Group (core) Phil Levis [ pdf ]
9:25 9:40

TinyOS Network Protocol Working Group Omprakash Gnawali [ ppt ]
9:40 9:50

Storage Working Group (storage) Prabal Dutta  [ ppt ]
9:50 10:00

Sensor Simulation Working Group (sim) Chad Metcalf [ pdf ]
9:50 10:00

TinyOS Tools Working Group (tools) John Regehr   [ ppt ]
10:00 10:15

TinyOS Documentation Working Group (tools) Kevin Klues [ ppt ]
10:15 10:25

TinyOS Alliance Working Group (tools) David Culler [ ppt ]
10:25 11:00

11:00 11:45
Contribs Contrib chairs
11:45 12:00
Working Group Formation
12:00 1:00
1:00 2:30
Demo Session
2:30 3:30
Working Group in-depth Q&A
3:30 4:30
Panel: What Drives Innovation in TinyOS?
- Phil Levis, Stanford University
- Jeonghoon Kang, KETI
- John Regehr, University of Utah
- David Culler, UCB (moderator)

4:30 5:00


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