CS298-1 System Seminar

Spring 2000

Thursdays, 3:30-4:30, 306 Soda Hall

(directions to Soda)

The UC Berkeley Systems Seminar highlights exciting developments in Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Networking, and related areas.  Graduate students may enroll for one unit of credit. This semester the seminar will focus on issues related to deeply networked devices, smart spaces, and other aspects of the Endeavour Expedition.

Current Schedule

Other Potential Speakers

Brewster Kahle - The Internet Archive

Expeditions leaders from other schools: David Garlan from CMU, Carlton Pu from GATech, MLD from MIT (or maybe Hari).

Exploration into Java and Networking in the automobile
Owen Densmore
Sun Microsystems

The Sun Labs "skunkworks" has been exploring the use of computers and
networking in the automobile for 18 months.  This has included an
initial architecture, a JavaOne exposition:
and is maturing into a platform for individual research in several
areas including:
        - Navigation
        - Embedded Systems
        - PDA/Phone integration
        - Alternative Display technology
        - Entertainment
        - Service delivery
        - Industry New Market Development
Specific embedded computing devices we are currently using:
..as well as traditional servers for land based usage.

We have lots of great stories about the auto industry, our own naivete,
our experiences building a Java/Network car and associated computing
architecture, Linux, embedded systems, speech, Java APIs, and basically
about getting involved in a brave new world.


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