CS 294-11 Topics in System Design for Post-PC Devices

Professors David Culler and Eric Brewer
Computer Science Division, EECS
University of California, Berkeley

Thurs 11-1 (starting 1/28)
373 Soda
2 units

This advanced topics seminar will be an experimental, design oriented course focused on understanding the unique requirements and opportunities of systems comprising very large numbers of very small devices connected to a powerful infrastructure.  The first half of the course will consist of readings, student presentations, and guest lectures on the critical component technologies: small devices, minimal operating systems, low-power wireless networking, middleware, sensors and actuators, programming environments, and security.  The second half of the course will be strongly design oriented with an emphasis on the creative process. We will divide into groups addressing a cohesive set of projects.  Meetings will rotate through the projects discussing their specification, design, approach, methods, and results, with the entire group providing feedback to each project as it progresses.

Course Web page: http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~culler/cs294-s99/