CS294-8 Spring 2000
Design Topics in Deeply Networked Systems
"Communications to the eXtremes"

Sirish Chandrasekaran, Hakim Weatherspoon, Victor Wen, Alec Woo
   RF Sensors based MAC layer for Home Networking

Jie Liu, Steve Neuendorffer, Claudio Pinello, Bruno Sinopoli
    Renewable Robot-Enabled Distributed Sensors

Ramakrishna Gummadi and Kirby Zhang

Brett Warneke and Sunil Bharve
  Sensor Nets - Application to Architecture Mapping

Morley Mao, Wilson So, Fred Wong, Shelly Zhuang
   Simulation for Sensor Networks

Sylvia Ratnasamy  and Chema Gonzalez
  A Study of DNS Performance

David Oppenheimer, Sharad Agaral, Dave Martin
Carelton Woo, Patrick Eaton, Amol Deshpande
   Short-Range Multi-Hop Wireless Communication

Jason Hill (with Philip Buonnadonna)  Mote Active Messages