CS294-1 Deeply Embedded Networks

Guest Presentation - Th. 9/25
My First Ten Years with Unlicensed Spread Spectrum Wireless
Dave Hughes
Old Colorado City Communications
University of California
Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
310 Soda Hall, 11:00-12:30

Dave Hughes, aka the 'Cursor Cowboy' will highlight the earliest years
of unlicensed digital wireless, starting with actress Hedy Lamarr's 1941
Patent on Frequency Hopping! The efforts to extend wireless links to
Rural America, some 3d World Countries, and for scientific remote area
data collection efforts. Mongolia, the Jungle, and Alaska. Now a
Cybercafe on Mount Everest, and Voice over IP distance learning for
Sherpa kids at 12,000 feet, via Wi-Fi and VSAT. Which Hughes will do
next month. Before trying to affix Motes and Fuel Cells to hibernating
Arctic Squirrels.


1. Access http://wireless.oldcolo.com and page through the 56 Progress
Reports on Wireless for Field Science. Especially read the 'Findings' of
that NSF project.

2. Go to www.linkingeverest.com, then to the Photo Gallery, and at least
page through 'Distance Learning for Namche'

3. The Paradox Of Commoditization http://cookreport.com/12.03.shtml