CS294-1 Deeply Embedded Networks

University of California
Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
David E. Culler
Assignment 1
Due Tue 2/2
Fall 2003

This is a short investigate-and-write assignment that should be done in groups of two or three, preferrably including some people who are fairly unfamiliar to you.  You should identify an application of deeply embedded networks where the technology can potentially make a qualitative difference.  It may be an on-going effort or one that you feel should be started.  It may be a matter of bringing a new "scope" to a scientific endeavor, a new approach to an engineering problem, a new capability to a computing environment, a new form of entertainment, a new product opportunity.

Outline the overall function of the embedded network in this application.  What is the qualitative step forward that it offers?

Describe the overall architecture of the networked system.

Identify the specific modes of sensing or actuation that would be involved.  

Enumerate the system requirements in terms of sample rates, storage, duration, energy availability, rate of adaptation, triggering, envirnonmnental conditions, mechanicals, etc.

What networking, systems, or programming challenges does it represent?  What sort of traffic patterns, routing needs, discovery, self-organization does it exhibit?

What forms of in-network processing would involved?  

How might the network diagnose itself in this application, or be extended to do so?

What social or economic factors ought to be considered?